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A New Freelance Platform

That Doesn't Suck

It’s the year 2017…
We’re building a new freelance marketplace platform. And it’s going to be awesome.

We’re creating a new freelance platform that allows talented, skilled freelancers like yourselves to be discovered and kickstart your careers!

Who is this platform for?

For graphic designers, web designers, developers/coders/programmers, illustrators, artists, writers, photographers, videographers, small business owner, social media marketers, webmasters, Internet marketers, and any other sort of freelancer.

Our goal is to connect you with local (and remote) people who need your skills, giving them access to quality talent and giving you hands-on experience – and pay! We’ll be operating in Canada, United Kingdom, U.S., Australia, and certain parts of Europe.

We’re currently looking for beta testers to look through it during pre-launch – basically just test the site out for bugs and suggestions for improvement.

There will be an opportunity to volunteer, receive a letter of recommendation, and add something nice to your resume.

Our spots for initial launch will be limited, but you can be assured that beta testers will be high on our list! I hope you will take advantage and help us build something truly great, and then find work on it yourself!

Get ready to do some real work – and make real money doing it.

Here’s a couple of tiny sneak previews:


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Want to be one of the first to try it out?



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